Waffle Cake is a buttery, crispy, pastry/dessert disguised as a waffle!  Our Waffle Cakes are made with specialty imported pearl sugar from Belgium.  Each waffle starts out as rich dough instead of batter and is made to order on waffle irons also imported from Belgium.  When baked, the pearl sugar caramelizes on the outside while maintaining its crunch on the inside.  Traditionally they are served in a craft paper to eat on the go and sometimes dusted with powdered sugar and/or Lemon juice.  While the Waffle Cake is the perfect snack on its own we offer a plethora of creative combinations to transform it into your favorite guilty pleasure!

Waffle Cakes Our Location


Waffle Cakes is teaming up with The Dessert Stand to bring you our first store front location!  Now, you can get made to order Waffles Cakes any time!  Stop in and grab your favorite Waffle Cake, a latte or hot chocolate, and check out all of the other sweet treats and ice cream The Dessert Stand has to offer while you are here.

Waffle Cakes Food Trucks


Waffle Cakes is proud to offer our amazing Liege Belgian Waffles to hungry customers throughout the greater Denver Metro area.  Our food trucks bring the taste bud tempting creations to you with our Waffle Cakes food truck and our smaller Waffle Cakes cart – check out our upcoming events or send us a catering request and we will come to you!

Waffle Cakes Catering


Let us WOW your guests with fresh made-to-order Waffle Cake creations! We offer a two main types of catering – our Waffle Cakes food trucks and a drop-off waffle bar, complete with a variety of menu selections for a truly unique experience. Perfect for corporate meetings, employee or client appreciation events, weddings & more!